Tuesday, March 27, 2012

22 Weeks and counting

I am now at 6 months and I've passed my half way point!!  How crazy is that?!  Well, I sure think it's crazy....at first, the weeks just crawled by at a snails-pace and then when I hit the 2nd trimester the weeks just started flying by.  Thankfully the nausea is almost totally gone now and only comes on sometimes in the morning when I forget to eat breakfast.
Here's me at 20 weeks (I know it's 2 weeks old, but I haven't uploaded my recent ones yet)
My belly has really started growing! It's pretty obvious to everyone who sees me that I'm pregnant unless I'm wearing a big hoodie or my labcoat at work.  Patients who walk in our office mostly have no idea I'm even pregnant unless I say something (which I normally don't because then I get flooded w/ the unwanted and weird advice).

I have been feeling our baby girl move around in there quite a bit...what a weird feeling!  Sometimes it totally surprises me and feels like she is doing back-flips (she probably is based on what I've seen her doing on the ultrasounds).  She moves a lot after eating and while listening to music. She likes Foo Fighters! The first time I felt her kicking a bunch was while listening to "Best of You" by Foo Fighters.....atta girl.

As for our baby's name, it is TOP SECRET and will be until she's born or possibly very shortly before she's born.  Jaime and I have pretty much decided on the name and middle name, but are keeping it quiet in case we decide to change it and so no one steals it!! (I've heard way too many stories of that happening!)  In the meantime, Jaime has decided we'll call her "Nugget" based off of the 90's McDonalds plastic chicken nugget toys. I have no idea where this idea in his head came from, but I'll just go with it.
Remember these guys?
About 2 weeks ago, something I have been dreading and worrying about this whole pregnancy happened.....Kidney stone.  It was horrible!! I was at work and started getting a weird stomach ache.  I didn't think anything of it at first because I'm always having weird pains and aches these days, but after about 15 minutes it totally accelerated into a full blown hot knife attack in my side and lower back.  I could hardly breathe or stand up right so I grabbed my stuff and headed to the ER.  When I was on the freeway I started to get really nervous that I might pass out from the pain but thankfully I didn't and the hospital is only about a 10 minute drive from my work.  I got there just in time as I started throwing up and seeing spots and all that horrible stuff that comes with extreme pain.  Surprisingly even though I am pregnant, they were still able to give me some good drugs to ease the pain, although I could tell it was a very weak dose.  Jaime met me down there soon after I was taken back and then we spent about 7 hours there having tests, ultrasounds and all that fun stuff done.
A while after I got home from the ER, I finally passed the stupid thing and all its evilness.  It amazes me everytime how something SO SMALL (5-ish mm) could cause SO MUCH PAIN!
Jagged evilness
Other than that, life is going pretty good.  We've been all settled into our new house in Kent for about 2 months now and I'm loving living closer to my parents which will really come in handy our little girl comes along.  I don't like living so far away from Andra and Dustin, but Bonney Lake isn't too bad of a drive and we are usually able to get together on the weekends. Here's a cute picture of their 6 month old McKay.
Such a little stud-man
I'm ridiculously excited for spring-like weather and sunshine to be able to sun bathe my growing belly.  We are hoping to be able to get in a few camping trips before I pop in the summer.  Sleeping in a tent on an air mattress all huge is going to an interesting experience....I already have a hard enough time sleeping in my own bed!! But I'll make it work somehow.  Summer is not summer without camping!
Jaime already looking at little bikes for our baby girl.
 Jaime got (another) new car!  He had to sell a lot of his other hooptys and save up for a while to get this one, but it's one he's wanted for a long time.  He's always had a thing for mustangs and wanted to have a Cobra.  It's a REALLY fun car and we've been having a great old time driving around in it. I hope he keeps this one around for a while.

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